No knowledge is truly lost. All is persevered to be discovered anew.

Exarch of Knowledge
God of Thought, Progress, and Law
Alignment LN
Domains Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Law, and Repose
Favored Weapon Staff
Centers of Worship Ultarius
Nationality Ultarian

Residing on a Lawfully aligned plane named after himself, Ulvimos sits immersed in the great knowledge pool, where all collected knowledge swims in a shimmering lake. Ulvimos spends eternity absorbing knowledge from the pool, detailing it all in a series of volumes which he keeps in his Eternal Library. Because of his close connection to knowledge and magic, Ulvimos’ primary worshipers tend to be academics and thinkers, along with Ultarians.

He is depicted most often in artwork as a large, tentacled brain suspended in a pool of shallow water, however he is also to be known appearing as a towering Ultarian with perfectly blue hued skin and surrounded in a cloak of deep purple with silver trimming. Ulvimos values the lives and acts of his people, and most of all their pursuit of scientific understanding of the material realm and beyond. He rewards those loyal to him with great insights and punishes those who upset him with stupidity. He abhors intelligent undead greatly, seeing them as thieves who have kept themselves from his knowledge pool, while seeing unintelligent undead as servitors and tools.

Ulvimos has a host of Inevitables that guard the halls of his Eternal Library, the chief of which is a Lhaksharut Inevitable called Memorium. Memorium serves Ulvimos unquestionably, occasionally heading to the Material realm as his herald and acting as an advisor to situations developing in the realm.

Because Ulvimos does not leave his own plane very often, he maintains a distant relationship with the other Gods of Vaemilia, often considering himself to be superior to the other Gods. He tends to prefer the company of Lawfully aligned Gods however, and disdains contact with chaotic gods such as the fey queens or Pollis.


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