A machine race created by the Kliktak for a war fought a century ago, these metal men now roam Vaemilia in search for a new purpose. The Titans lack any true home state even if the majority of them live with their creators. Most work as menial laborers or as mercenaries, while a few others seek to study the world around them in order to better understand it. The Titans have lost the secret to how to reproduce, and now the only Titans left are those that are left from the war, still remembering the horrors that they were brought into the world to snuff out. Titans recently have begun adopting the cultures and policies of a specific race of their own choosing. This process of following the customs of a single race is called imprinting, wherein a Titan will follow a single member of a race and copy their mannerisms and behaviors.

Physical Description

While Titans tend to vary in appearance, they are all tall humanoid creatures, standing around seven feet tall, towering over their diminutive creators. They are humanoid in shape having all the limbs consistent with the bodies of Humans, and are made of metal. They could be mistaken for giant walking suits of armor with eyes. Titans tend to make marks on themselves in order to make themselves distinct from others, a sort of identification symbol so that other races can identify an individual easier. Although they do not need clothing for warmth or to hide certain parts of their anatomy, they have also begun to adopt wearing clothes in order to ease relations with members of other races. These clothes tend to be rather drab and utilitarian however. Titans are without gender, but some Titans may identify with a particular gender.


Titans have no form of governing themselves currently, and instead consider themselves to be members of different nations after the necessary processing has been done. It is important to note that the Titans are not lumbering automatons, but individuals in their own right, with a wide array of personalities and quirks that makes them unique from each other. Their attitudes toward each other vary greatly; while one Titan might not ever want to see another of it’s kind again as a grim reminder of the war they fought, others might still stay with their platoons and live communally with them. Titans who live among other races will try to blend in with their new companions, but it is usually a laughable, but endearing gesture.

Relations with Other Races

Titans tend to view other races as beings of interest and points of imitation. The over-riding belief is that these people live in peacetime without personal anguish, so by adapting their behaviors the same feeling can be reproduced in Titans. Whether this attitude is successful varies from Titan to Titan. They generally distrust Ultarians for their involvement with the War, and see the Kliktak as parental figures, even though the Kliktak that made them were many, many generations ago. Friendship is hard to attain with Titans, who are ageless, and see many of their friends die naturally from age.

Alignment and Religion

Titans tend to be wholly Lawful, following basic governing laws and programs with their dying breaths. That said, they will sometimes follow the alignments of those they have imprinted on, often following their religion as well. Titans that have not imprinted and decide to follow a Religion tend towards either Kilumtik or Prime, the Titan who became a God.


Titan adventurers are often seeking a sense of purpose, however small or large it may be. They often maximize on their natural strength and follow martial Classes such as Fighter or Barbarian._

Common Names

Titan names range from concepts to objects to serial numbers to names from other races.
Titan names: Guild, Asbestos, sc113, Hammer, Community, Bizzbak

Titan Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom: Titans are strong and sturdy, but lack a sense of awareness typically seen in other races.

Half-Construct: Titans are both considered Humans and Constructs for the purpose of spells and spell-like abilities. They also have the following traits: +2 bonus on saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and effects that cause either exhaustion or fatigue. They cannot be raised or resurrected. They do not breathe, eat, or sleep, unless they want to gain some beneficial effect from on of these activities.

Natural Armor: A Titan’s metal skin gives them a Natural Armor bonus of +2.

Toughness: Titans automatically gain Toughness as a feat at first level.

Ferocity: Titans gain the following extraordinary ability: If the hit points of a Titan fall below 0 but it is not yet dead, it can continue to fight. If it does, it is staggered, and loses 1 hit point each round. It still dies when its hit points reach a negative amount equal to its Constitution score.

Spell Resistance: Titans gain spell resistance equal to 11+ their character level.

Arcane Disconnection: Titans are unable to take class levels in Wizard, Bard, Sorcerer, Magus, or Alchemist. If a class gives them the option to cast arcane spells as spell-like abilities, they must choose a different option instead (like the Rogue’s Minor Magic Talent ability).


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