The Convergence Spark

Between all things, I remain

Crossroads of All Things
God of the Elements, Balance, and the Planes
Alignment N
Domains Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Magic
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff
Centers of Worship Aaric’s Landing
Nationality Elemental

Between the four elemental spheres, the Convergence spark blazes with a bright, white light. A being of enigmatic intelligence and design, he is considered to be the newest of the Gods of Vaemilia, only recently revealing his existence to the Material Realm. Many consider the convergence to be a plane in and of itself with it’s own sentience. Worshipers of the Spark tend to be academics and elemental mages, however the town of Aaric’s Landing uniformly worships its message of balance in all things.

Ever a mystery, the convergence spark does not have any major decrees which it parses out to it’s worshipers; it’s primary interest seems to be a uniform balance that does not tend toward anywhere on the axis between law and chaos or even good or evil. It does, however reward an inquisitive outlook in it’s worshipers, often gifting arcane insight to the most studious of it’s flock.

The Pleroma Aeon Aaric once visited the Material Realm famously in order to announce the Convergence Spark’s existence. It appeared suddenly to the then small fishing town and extolled the essence of it’s creator. As quickly as it appeared, it then disappeared and the town became the center of a great amount of commerce and research.

It is not known what the Spark feels toward the other Gods, if it can feel at all. It is also not certain if it is bound by the same rules as the other Gods, or chooses not to directly interfere with the Material realm for fear of destroying it.

The Convergence Spark

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