Forward! Forward to death and glory!

Soldier of the Gods
God of Military, Weaponry, and War
Alignment CG
Domains War, Glory, Strength, Destruction, and Fire
Favored Weapon Ardarian Waraxe
Centers of Worship Stonehold
Nationality Ardarian

While his two brothers dwell in the nicer parts of Borghild, Sinon spends most of his time in the palaces’ lower levels, spending time with the honored dead who wander it’s halls. He eats, drinks, and sleeps alongside these fallen soldiers, seeing them as all equals on the field of battle. It is from this practice that the Ardarian sense of hierarchal egalitarianism comes into play; for even though you should revere the king, the king should be well reminded of the strength of a mob of soldiers. He appears as a young, strong Ardarian male in full battle regalia that has been tarnished and stained with long use. Not surprisingly, he is typically revered by common folk and soldiers.

Above all else, Sinon expects his followers to fight and die bravely. He has little respect or patience for cowards or deserters, and even less for those who use lies and falsehoods as weapons. For those that have made him proud, he will grant strength and dignity and battle, while those who have disappointed him will find themselves giving into fear and weakness.

If Sinon has business in the Material realm, he sends the Seven, a host of Ardarian Einherji who were in life the most decorated heroes of Stonehold. A superior fighting force, they fight undying to assist in whatever conflict Sinon sees as valiant and true.

Sinon is the more gregarious of the three Ardarian dieties, enjoying good relations with all of the Gods save for those that are Evil aligned. He especially enjoys spending time with Kuu, paradoxically, and delights in foiling Kuu’s tricks and traps (as rare as that may occur).


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