Alien and beautiful, the Shem reside in the deep woods in the south of Vaemilia. They descend from exiled fey who were kicked out of the plane of Fey. They took to living in Vaemilia rather quickly, becoming diplomats and delighting themselves in binding members of other races in powerful contracts. Despite this natural inclination towards diplomacy, the Shem tend to be isolationists, only coming out of the deep woods if they believe there is something to be gained from venturing forth, be it personal gain or the fun that comes with twisting the minds of others.

Physical Description

Shem tend to be about as tall as Ardarians at around 6’-6’5", but rather than being muscle-bound and wide, they instead are tall and lanky. Their ears are pointed very severely and have antlers which jut out at their eyebrow ridge. A Shem’s Antlers are a point of pride, and they will adorn them with gems and other pieces of jewelry. Their skin tones are either a creamy yellow hue or a light sky blue depending on which court they hail from. Their hair and eye colors can range the whole spectrum of the rainbow, and their eyes are large and almond shaped. Shem are always attractive beings, with no physical imperfections.


Shem society is divided into two courts that are constantly at war with each other; the Summer and Winter Fey. Members of the Summer Court are yellow skinned and embody the aspects of warmth, growth and life, while the Winter Court embodies cold, death and decay. The two courts directly revere the two courts of the same name that reside in the Fey, with whom they still hold contact with. Shemish culture is a labyrinthian system of social customs and intrigue, making word choice a very important consideration when dealing with them. A poorly chosen word could mean taking part in an uneven bargain, or at worst, a life of servitude to a Shem. Magic to the Shem is as natural as breathing to them, and take a very lax attitude to it’s study. To Shem it is more important to feel the magic course through you rather than constrain it with focused study. The Shem living in Vaemilia are governed by a group of nobels who act out the will of the Queens of the Fey Courts. Servitude is a part of the nature of the Shem, just as is their deceptive nature; while others might view it as slavery, the Shem are quick to point out that any servants they might have took part in a bargain that they were fully aware of.

Relations with Other Races

Shem consider the other races as playthings to be manipulated and controlled. They are able to see the strengths of certain members of other races and play it to their own advantage. They especially enjoy having Ardarian thralls, as it is a testament to a Shem’s ability to break the will of such stubborn creatures. They tend to enjoy the company of Familiari for their music and lightness of spirit.

Alignment and Religion

While other races might find moments of spiritual crisis, the Shem are unburdened by this. To them, Mab and Titania are very real and so is their wrath. They serve the two queens of the Summer and Winter courts similar to how a palace messenger serves a monarch. The Summer court is ruled over by Titania while her rival, Mab, presides over the Winter court. Chaotic alignments come naturally to Shem, who only follow their queens out of a sense of self preservation, but follow their own whims just as strongly or perhaps even stronger.


Shem venturing out of the wood tend to be around one hundred years old, which is equal to about the late twenties for Humans and Ardarians. They are usually very receptive to their new environment and adventure out of a sense of wonder and excitement. These adventurers typically do not have any thralls to call their own due to their youth, but quickly gain that power as they grow stronger and wander. Due to their natural connection with arcane power, they make natural Sorcerers and Bards. Shemish Druids are something of legend, harnessing their awesome power and channeling it through reverence to the Elder Tree which grows in their forest. They very rarely partake in martial classes like Fighter, and a Shem Barbarian is a laughable notion.

Common Names

Male: Glawardir, Daechir, Umon, Taenor, Adasser, Colfinnor
Female: Fimil, Maedel, Lhinnil, Duvainil, Duel, Ymil

Shem Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution: Shem are lithe and comely, but frail.
Fey: Shem have the Fey type and have low-light vision.
Medium: Shem are Medium sized and receive no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Illusion Resistance: Shem gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusion spells or effects.
Fey Damage Resistance: Shem have Damage Reduction 5/cold iron.
Emissary: Once per day, Shem can roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy check and take the better roll.
Gregarious: When Shem successfully use Diplomacy to win over an individual, that creature takes a –2 penalty on attempts to resist any of the member’s Charisma-based skills for the next 24 hours.
Silver Tongued: Shem gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature’s attitude, they can do so up to three steps up rather than just two.
Magical Linguist: Shem gain a +1 bonus to the DC of spells they cast that have the language-dependent descriptor or that create glyphs, symbols, or other magical writings. They also gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against such spells. Shem with a Charisma score of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities: 1/day—arcane mark, comprehend languages, message, read magic. The caster level for these spell-like abilities is equal to the user’s character level.
Object of Desire: Shem add +1 to their caster level when casting charm person and charm monster.
Seducer: Shem add +1 to the saving throw DCs for their spells and spell-like abilities of the enchantment school. In addition, members of this race with a Wisdom score of 15 or higher may use charm person once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level is equal to the user’s character level).
Constant Spell-like Divination: Shem can use Detect Magic as a constant spell-like ability. The caster level of the spell-like ability is equal to the user’s character level.
Language: Shem begin play with Common and Sylvan. Shem with high Intelligence scores can learn any languages except for secret languages.


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