Queen Tatiana

All that grows is unique and good… and must be protected

The Summer Queen
Goddess of Life, Growth, and Summer
Alignment CG
Domains Plant, Nobility, Magic, Chaos, and Good
Favored Weapon Halberd
Centers of Worship Feywood
Nationality Shem

On the sunnier side of the Feywild there sits the majestic Ars Grandia, a golden palace which holds court to Queen Tatiana, regent of the summer court of the Fey. Appearing as an ideal Shemish woman with long blonde hair and slender ears, Tatiana uses her court to influence the material world and the Feywild. Her mortal followers are typically summer Shem who perform agricultural duties as well as adhering to the strict labyrinthian code of conduct that the courts enforce.

Tatiana acts in a very regal manner and does not allow anything to upset her aloof demeanor. She is famous for being flippant but altogether fair.

She expects her followers to stay to the code of conduct her court enforces and to encourage the growth of the natural world. She influences the physical world through growth of plant matter and animal behavior; creating ideal weather and friendly animal relations to those she favors, or burning those she finds abhorrent with sweltering heat and sending wild animals after them.

Tatiana is served by a particularly powerful Ghaele named Bel, who visits the mortal realm to speak with the Summer Lady, Aurora. Bel has been known to bring hosts of Azata with her to do battle against the Winter court in the Material world.

Tatiana refuses to do any business with Mab but will meet with her on occasion for purely diplomatic purposes. However their very natures pit them against each other and these are not friendly meetings and rarely end well. She distrusts Kilumtik, as she sees the world as not needing ‘unnatural’ improvement. She enjoys talking to Ardar over matters of rule, and sees him as a confidant and equal. She is known to visit Kuu and Manen frequently, discussing topics of art and music with great mirth. It is said there is a standing friendly competition between the three of them to have the greatest mortal musician. Ulvimos is far too stuffy for her, but she does not outright dislike him, and she feels the same about Melech and Sinon. She sees Pollis as a kindred spirit but keeps her distance mostly. She does not bear any great consideration to The Convergence Spark, and wholly despises Renfield, because she sees much of Mab in him. With each of the Gods, she will attempt to make bargains often, bargains which inherently benefit her greatly but are often too tempting to pass up.

Queen Tatiana

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