Queen Mab

There is a beauty in Death that can never be captured in life

The Winter Queen
Goddess of Death, Decay, and Winter
Alignment CE
Domains Death, Trickery, Magic, Chaos, and Evil
Favored Weapon Scythe
Centers of Worship Feywood
Nationality Shem

Living in the glacial palace of Jagd Vellis in the Winter side of the Feywild, Queen Mab rules over a host of Demons who have been twisted by the icy lands. Cruel and calculating, Mab is a twisted sorceress who takes delight in manipulating others and harbors an awesome temper. Her primary worshipers are Winter Shem who delight in conning others and destroying the Fey wood in the material realm.

She appears as a Shemish woman of striking beauty with icy blue skin and a glacial demeanor. She bears a regal manner when partaking in matters of business but delights in sadistic acts.

Mab expects her followers to do her will and participate in any other particularly cunning and wicked acts. Any contract or agreement which actively disadvantages another party will surely please the Winter Queen. She is known to reward her followers with increased power and other favors, but on the other hand can be much more creative in her punishments.

The Lady of the Winter Courts, Drusilla, typically carries out her will, but Mab has been known to send Bel, a Ghaele who was turned to her side to carry out any martial matters. Bel is typically accompanied by demons and other horrid fey creatures.

As mentioned with Queen Tatiana, Mab by her very nature despises her counterpart. She views the other Gods as lesser beings but despises Renfield most of all. Although she sees in him somewhat a kindred spirit, she believes his madness is a weakness and lacks the focus to truly make any active change.

Queen Mab

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