Only Fools do not bow down to my Fury!

Old Man of the Sea
God of Sea Travel, Storms, and Fishing
Alignment CN
Domains Air, Water, Weather, Sun, and Destruction
Favored Weapon Trident
Centers of Worship Sanctuary
Nationality Human

Somewhere between the spheres of Air and Water, Pollis glides through that space, trailing a thunderhead of epic proportions. He does not have a home plane to speak of, seemingly in exile as his Human worshipers are. He appears as a wizened old man cloaked in storm clouds and rain, sailing over a vast ocean, trident held aloft, sparking with electricity. His primary worshipers are sailors or anyone who does not want to die from a tornado.

Pollis does not have any set of expectations that he holds his worshipers toward; instead, his worshipers treat him more as an elemental force, appeasing him with gifts of fish and prayers for safe travel. To his faithful, he will calm the seas and give safe travel and passage over the ocean. If upset (which is seemingly often over trivial matters) he will call down furious lightning storms, tornadoes, or any other myriad of weather-based calamity.

The Storm Giant Ulfrid of the Wind-swept isles serves as Herald to Pollis. Ulfrid travels between the Material world and the Thunderhead, where Pollis resides. Ulfrid is the leader of a band of Storm Giants who live due East of the continent of Vaemilia. If Pollis has some business to attend to in the Material realm, he often tasks Ulfrid with seeing it through.

Pollis is regarded as mad and alien by the other Gods of Vaemilia, and is thusly avoided unless seeking him out is an absolute necessity.


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