Those who follow history can expect to write their own chapter

Keeper of Deeds
God of History, Honor, and Law
Alignment LN
Domains Law, Glory, Protection, Rune, and Community
Favored Weapon Morningstar
Centers of Worship Stonehold
Nationality Ardarian

In the great halls of Borghild, Melech tends to the records of all beings in his Grand Archives. His omniscience allows him to keep tally of every heroic deed, but also every wicked act. He is often depicted as a wizened, hunched over Ardarian clothed in dun colored robes on which scrolls of seemingly infinite length have been attached. He is solitary and intelligent, but also keeps and air of impartiality. He was the deity that came up with the idea to limit the God’s interference with the Material realm, and as such is it’s strongest champion and enforcer.

Because of his vow in non-interference, he does not have any grand expectations of his specific followers, which usually consist of record keepers, judges and other civil servants, but his teachings inform a doctrine of impartial observation, documentation, and truthful reporting.

Melech employs of host of Arbiter Inevitables to act as assistants in keeping the records of the Material realm. These Arbiters also undergo important stealth missions to observe and report during particularly climatic times in the Material realm, recording the happenings for posterity.

Because of his impartial nature, Melech rarely associates with gods outside of Sinon and Ardar. That being said, he does enjoy good relations with Kilumtik and Ulvimos. It is said that once a year the three Gods host a small gathering and discuss different topics of knowledge, lore and progress.


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