Wherever you may roam, the hearth is never too far

The Den Maven
Goddess of Safe Travel, the Hearth, and Caravans
Alignment NG
Domains Community, Travel, Protection, Healing, and Luck
Favored Weapon Sling
Centers of Worship The Plains
Nationality Familiari

Known by many names such as the Den Mother, or the Traveler’s Friend, Manen presides over a lovely household along the Great Road, the traveler’s plane. Manen’s home on the plane, known simply as ‘the Den’ is by some accounts a very simple dwelling with wooden doors and two windows. Inside, it is in fact a very large, inviting and comfortable home. Because of this, Manen is often worshiped by those who give aid and comfort to others, such as hotels and hospitals.

Manen is described as being a Familiari of maternal bearing, often wearing simple clothes and bustling about to handle different duties.

To Manen, the comfort and security of family is tantamount; and philosophically she believes that all other things cannot occur without that very basic care. Because of this, Manen expects her followers to maintain strong ties to their families and communities, to be both supportive and protective, while being a welcoming host for strangers abroad. Manen often rewards faithful followers with well cooked meals coming from simple scratch; or other seemingly mystical comforts, while on the other hand she may spurn those who have gained her displeasure by spoiling food or making beds absurdly uncomfortable.

The Den is also inhabited by seven Vulpinal Agathions, which she considers her children. They assist her with the duties of the house, each of them embodying different aspects of home life. If she needs to send an emissary to the Material plane, she will often send one of her children, often making sure to match up their particular skill with the task at hand.

Manen often plays host to many Gods. She will not keep anyone away from her door, but she expects her guests to be of good conduct while they are visiting. Because of this, Manen is often seen as an arbitrator for the rest of the Gods. She has a special relationship with her brother Kuu, often chastising him for his behavior while being the perfect host to other Gods.


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