What’s mine is yours- well, the other way around

The Lucky Thief
God of Sneaking, Theft, and the Night
Alignment CN
Domains Liberation, Luck, Trickery, Charm, and Darkness
Favored Weapon Rapier
Centers of Worship The Plains
Nationality Familiari

On the plane known simply as “The Great Road”, Kuu spends his eternity traveling and cavorting with the chaotic beings which inhabit it. He has no true den to speak of, and prefers to travel when the night is dark and the moon is new. Kuu’s primary worshipers are thieves, tricksters, and anyone who lives on guile and wit.

He appears as a Familiari male with a dark grey coat wearing a dark green set of trousers with a vest.

He expects very little of his followers, but encourages them to solve their problems creatively and with little compromise. To a follower of Kuu, the problem of lack of wealth is easily solved by acquiring the wealth of those more fortunate. Kuu’s favor and disfavor is often controlled by luck; a thief who has wronged Kuu might have lock picks break or accidentally step on twigs when trying to go somewhere stealthily, while someone in Kuu’s favor might have things just seem to go their way.

Kuu’s erstwhile traveling companion is a rotund Tanuki named Bodum, who tags along on Kuu’s journeys. On occasion, Kuu may play a trick on Bodum upsetting him into traveling to the Material world for a while. During these visits, Bodum disguises himself as a Familiari beggar, granting gifts to those who are kind and punishing those who spurn him with cruel pranks. Bodum will also on occasion visit to give more direct messages from his friend and companion.

Kuu keeps a very open and friendly relationship with all the Gods, often traveling and visiting. Most of the Gods receive him well in their home plane, but keep a watchful eye in case he attempts to steal something. Kuu has an altogether different relationship with his sister, Mannen, with whom he has a great respect because he has never been ever after to trick her.


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