Look to the World, and Improve it

The Spark of Inspiration
Goddess of Machinery, Survival, and Creative Ingenuity
Alignment LN
Domains Artifice, Community, Protection, Earth and Law
Favored Weapon Heavy Pick
Centers of Worship The Dust
Nationality Kliktak

The goddess of the ant peoples resides in the clockwork world of Mechanus, a plane heavily saturated by law and orderly function. She is typically found in her great workshop, creating splendid inventions and sending the inspiration of them to her most devout followers.

Kilumtik is known to be thoughtful and upbeat, but in her more serious moments calculating and balanced. She appears as a Kliktak female with a maternal bearing and fiery red skin. She wears simple clothing with many pockets and oil stains. She is most worshiped by tinkerers and inventors as well as savvy survivalists.

She expects her followers to improve upon the world around them through mechanical or socio-political ways. She is indifferent as to wether those improvements are diven by communal or personal problems, she measures only the results from her followers actions. She blesses highly ordered societies, even if they take part in disreputable acts. She influences her followers by the flow of inspiration; giving much to highly motivated people while denying any to those who are lazy. If angered, she may jam machinery near the perpetrator of her anger or make those same machines run more efficiently to her benefactors.

Her herald is the Clockwork Man, a stunning machine which is able to replicate itself and speak for her. The Clockwork man will typically help in the construction of grand inventions if the goddess is excited enough about it, replicating itself to create a workforce to help in construction. She may also send Formains to act as messengers or assistants in a similar capacity.

Due to the already strained nature that most Gods feel toward each other, Kilumtik rarely helps her fellow deities. That being said she enjoys a somewhat cool relationship with Ulvimos, valuing his intellect and likewise dedication to law, however his people’s attempted conquest soured their relationship. She similarly enjoys working with Ardar and Melech but disdains their companion Sinon. She considers The Convergence Spark more as a puzzle to be solved but keeps a very attentive and helpful friendship with it. She abhors chaotically aligned deities such as the Fey and the Familiari Gods, but outright refuses any audience to Renfield.


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