Hail to the King, Long may he Reign

Father of Nobility
God of Kings, Dominion, and Hierarchy
Alignment LG
Domains Strength, Nobility, Good, War, and the Sun
Favored Weapon Long Sword
Centers of Worship Stonehold
Nationality Ardarian

Sitting atop the throne in the grand castle of Borghild, the True King Ardar shines with the brilliance of the morning star. His royal palace is guarded by the honored dead of Ardarian crusades long past, and he rules over the realm of the Freyerlands, a plane of law and good. He appears in painting and artwork as a tall, Ardarian, elderly without seeming feeble and with a great regal bearing. He is often clothed in fine garments of fine craftsmanship with a great sunburst behind him, wreathing him in shining light. He is patient but valiant, wise but humble, and serves as the exemplar of leadership to Ardarians and members of other races. His worshipers usually consist of kings and nobility, but also knights of the different realms and peacekeepers.

He expects his followers to follow the law in accordance to their local rulers, and to also hold themselves to a higher code of conduct. He encourages his subjects to root out evil and lawlessness with passionate fury, but to allow wrong-doers the chance to repent for their sins. His blessings are often characterized by shining, golden light.

If he has business to attend to in the material realm, he will usually dispatch the angel Kreimhild, a Solar Angel that acts as his right hand. Kreimhild will often only appear to the kings of Stonehold, flanked by the spirits of long dead kings to deliver messages of great importance. It is also rumored that in the first battles over Stonehold during the Ultarian War, Kreimhild served as a protector to King Alfric as he repelled the initial wave of invaders.

The closest Gods to Ardar are his brothers Melech and Sinon. To all others he respects them as you would treat visiting dignitaries, expecting them to conduct themselves appropriately in his court. He does not suffer tricks and foolishness, and particularly despises Kuu for his child-like behavior.


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