Begin the dance of Madness! Begin the dance of blood and bone and death!

Ringmaster of the Slaughter
God of Entertainment, Sadism, and Reckless Slaughter
Alignment CE
Domains Madness, Destruction, Death, Liberation, and Evil
Favored Weapon Scorpion Whip
Centers of Worship Cult following
Nationality Demonic

Considered the greatest evil to exist, Renfield resides in his Blood Circus on the Abyssal plane, above the petty fighting over hellish real estate that characterizes the other demon lords. It is said that his mere visage causes madness, so even his cultists do not attempt to recreate his image; instead they typically use his insignia, which is a bloodied whip. His worshipers are maddened cultists which try to bring his blood-circus to the Material realm.

A bloody chaos is the only commandment Renfield gives to his subordinate mortals. These are typically carried out by acts of terrible cruelty and slaughter given a carnival theme. The worst atrocities and acts of horrible evil are typically carried out there.

It is rumored that Renfield, if so provoked will send his herald Mr. Giggles to the Material realm. Mr. Giggles is a Balor of terrible power and savagery wearing a bright red clown nose. It is said that Renfield so values Mr. Giggles for his inspiring torture and madness.

No Gods hold a formal relationship with Renfield.


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