The intellectual might of Vaemilia, the Ultarians believe in the pursuit of the mind above all else. Ultarians follow a utilitarian principle in all matters in their life, and use logic to justify their actions as being for ‘the greater good’. Whether that greater good is for themselves or their nation, they believe that everything that they do is a necessary step in progress. This tendency has made them seem cold and uncaring to other races; a race of beings that are calculating and brutal. Ultarian libraries are the most complete in all of Vaemilia, and study is seen as a way to attain perfection both personal and communally.

Physical Description

Ultarians are tall humanoids, standing between 6’2 and 6’6, and like the Shem are very lithe and lanky. Their skin is blue, with different shades and textures changing from person to person. Their fingers are long and bony, and their craniums are very prominent. Their eyes are completely black and are thin and slitted. Ultarians typically dress in long, flowing robes and ornament themselves with jewelry accentuating their heads.


Ultarian government is democratic by nature, with multiple parties vying for the position of Chancellor, the highest position in the Ultarian state. They have a love of debate and study, and Ultarian senate debates can go on for many, many days. Their laws are a bureaucratic tapestry of subsections and clauses which is complex and mind boggling to other races; however it is a principle belief to Ultarians that ignorance of the law is not a worthy defense. Ultarians devote a majority of their life to study of a wide variety of intellectual pursuits, mostly in the fields of science, math, and arcane magic. To Ultarians, using magic is a matter of finding the correct mathematical equation to effect the physical world around them. More than any other society in Vaemilia, the Ultarians despise the undead, seeing them as horrors which go against the natural order of their god, Ulvimos.

Relations with Other Races

Ultarians typically view members of other races as simpletons, unable to grasp the very simplest of concepts. They are particularly distrustful of the Shem and Familiari because of their care-free lifestyle and abhorrence to order. The view the Kliktak as wanting rivals; while they are the second most intelligent race in Vaemilia, they lack the focus that the Ultarians boast, and therefore are below reproach. They particularly loathe the Titans, who they view as mechanical abominations and do not grant them the same consideration of personhood which other races grant.

Alignment and Religion

Lawful by nature, Ultarians vary greatly between good and evil, with the question coming down to whose greater good they serve, their own, or others. Ultarians typically worship Ulvimos, the god of lawful knowledge. It is the Ultarian belief that Ulvimos collects their departed to join in his knowledge pool, a resource of great knowledge and understanding which becomes stronger with each individual’s experiences being added.


Ultarian adventurers are typically archeologists or researchers by trade attempting to understand the world around them by entering the darkest and most dangerous parts of the continent. Ultarian Wizards are a dime a dozen, as the serious study of magic is considered a worthy pursuit to Ultarians. More martial Ultarians tend to be Magi over Fighters, using their innate intelligence and racial tendency to study magic to combine with training in weaponry.

Common Names

Male Names: Tacticus, Naevius, Maximus, Otho, Gallus, Faustus
Female Names: Fabiana, Livia, Octavia, Quintina, Tactica, Varinia

Ultarian Racial Traits

+4 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength: Ultarians are supremely intelligent and wise, but lack physical strength.
Medium: Ultarians are Medium sized and receive no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Skill Training: Ultarians always treat Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) as class skills.
Skill Bonus: Ultarians have a +2 bonus to Spellcraft checks.
Arcane Focus: Ultarians gain a +2 bonus on concentration checks made to cast arcane spells defensively.
Language: Ultarians begin play knowing Common and Ultarian. Ultarians with high Intelligence scores can learn Ardarian, Familiari, Human, Sylvan, Goblin, Orc and Gnoll.


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