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Firearm availability and proficiency

Firearms of all types are used within the world of Vaemilia. However, at the current time any meaningful creation of firearms takes place solely within the region of The Dust. Because of this, all firearms are considered to be Martial weapons when considering proficiency, however there exists a price adjustment.

While in the Dust, if someone wanted to buy any firearm, then they will be 10% of the listed price in Ultimate Combat. Guns are made in the Dust, and as such early and advanced firearms are commonplace.

While in the Plains, Early Firearms will be 10% of the listed based price, however Advanced firearms are the same price. Because of the Plains’ proximity to the Dust and it’s high number of trading caravans, shopkeepers in the dust are able to sell early firearms at a reduced price, however advanced firearms are still more valuable.

Anywhere else, firearms tend to be slightly more rare, and sell at their listed price due to their distance from the Dust.

Class Changes


Paladins in Clanpact are not restricted to the Lawful Good alignment, however they are prohibited from being True Neutral. Their alignments should reflect the alignment of their individual deity. In this way, a Paladin more serves as the martial might of an individual deity or religion, rather than a strict enforcer of a Lawful Good doctrine. Because of this, some of the Paladin’s abilities will undergo a change depending on their alignment. If they fall on the “Good” axis of the spectrum, they will use the standard Pathfinder Paladin as presented in the Core Rulebook. However if they fall within the “Evil” axis, they will use the Anti-Paladin class presented in the Advanced Player’s Guide. If, however they are neutral in the Good and Evil axis, they will use the Paladin as presented in the Core rulebook, but make any necessary changes depending on their alignment within the Law v. Chaos axis (IE “Aura of Good” becomes “Aura of Law”, “Smite Evil” becomes “Smite Chaos” etc in the case of a Lawful Neutral Paladin).


All Monks are considered to be from the Order of the Jade Claw and set their Deity as Rast. The techniques that follow the class progression of Monk are considered closely guarded secrets of the Jade Claw.


If they so choose, the Alchemist will be given the option to take the Artificer archetype, which is outlined here. Artificial Infusion: The artificer can choose to apply his extract effects to a piece of equipment worn by either himself or an ally. However, he may not take the ‘infusion’ discovery. This infusion still lasts as long as the extract normally would.

This ability replaces Mutagen Class Ability

Trapfinding: an artificer gains the trapfinding ability using their 1/2 of his alchemist level to his perception. If he has levels in Rogue, these stack as well.

This ability replaces Brew Potion bonus feat

Empower weapon: an artificer’s infusion potential extends to their weapons as well. At first level an artificer can spend a swift action to empower one hand held weapon with raw magic increasing it’s damage 1d4 per two levels (max 10d4 at 20th). They can do this a number of times equal to their artificer level plus their intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces the Bomb Class Ability

Item Creation Bonus Feat: at second level, and every two levels afterwards, an artificer may choose any item creation feat so long as they meet the requirements instead of choosing a new discovery.

The Vaemilian Calendar

The Calendar of Vaemilia is twelve months long with each month comprising of 28 days. The seasons cycle fairly evenly every three months.

Spring months:

Summer months:

Fall months:

Winter months:

Each month is comprised of four weeks, with week days cycling thusly:
Solis, Matutinu, Mane, Meridie, Nona, Opacare, Nocte

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