A Brief History of Vaemilia

At the beginning of time, seven Gods came to Vaemilia, which had previously been a desolate wasteland. They combined their powers and created the Saena tree, from which grew all plant life on the continent. They then decided to create beings which would populate the lands. Kilumtik wanted to create an industrious pepole, Ulvimos wanted to create a people who valued intellect, the Ardarian brothers wanted to create a braverace and the brother and sister Gods, Kuu and Manen wanted to create a cunning people. They could not come to an agreement on who should claim the land, so they divided Vaemilia into their own dominions which would be claimed by each race they created.

Renfield was aware of their populating this new fertile land and wished to cause havoc in their new world. To each race he created an opposite. For the Kliktak he created the Goblinkind to harass and dismantle their works, for the Ardarians, he created the fearsome Orcs to challenge their bravery. The Gnolls were created to combat the free-spirited Familiari, and Saurians, with their brute strength and evil intellect sought to despoil the lands of the Ultari. He left these peoples Godless and savage.

Over time, the Gods found that their presence in the material realm was effecting their people too much; they each grew lazy knowing that their Gods were active in their world and did not develop. So, the Gods made a pact to stay out of the material realm and allow their people to develop naturally, offering aid through indirect means.

Life without the Gods’ direct intervention was difficult to the Vaemilian peoples, but they persevered and created a life for themselves in this new world. Meanwhile on the Plane of the Fey, the Fey queens grew displeased with a certain group of their court called the Shem. They banished the Shem to the material realm sending their daughters, the ladies of the court, to act as their emissaries. The Shem built a civilization of their own and grew to consider themselves as one of the native peoples of the land.

For a century the political landscape stayed the same until one day fleets of ships came in from the east and brought Humans to the world of Vaemilia. These people were fleeing from some great evil from across the world and settled in the previously uninhabited coast in the south eastern section of the landmass. While it took longer for these people to become accepted from the rest of the world, they in time found their place.

In the year 0 of the Ultarian calendar, Caesar Argutus changed the Ultarian political structure, going from a democratic society to an empire ruled entirely by him. It was Argutus’ belief that the only way for the Ultarian peoples to survive was if all of Vaemilia was under their rule, and the other races under their subjugation. His first act of conquest was to take the Ardarian homeland and add their military might to his already powerful arsenal. He then expanded eastward easily taking the Familiari lands for his own. By then, the Human and Kliktak people made a pact to fight against this great threat, while the Shem considered themselves not only above, but exempt from the conflict. Argutus sent his legions to take the Dust, the lands held by the Kliktak, believing the Human kingdom of Safehold to be less of a threat. The Kliktak and Human forces proved more of an issue than what he anticipated, and this began a much longer, bloodier conflict which turned into a war of attrition. Desperate to turn the tide of the war, the Kliktak created a race of beings called the Titans, machine people who were bred for battle. This proved to be the tipping point in the war, and through the Titans, the alliance of the Kliktak and Humans were able to liberate the Familiari and Ardarian lands, pushing the Ultarians back to their own borders. In the final days of the war, Ultarius was the site of many battles and finally Argutus stepped down as leader of his people. With the war over, the Kliktak queen took note of how powerful the alliance had proved to be and motioned to create a senate to rule over each individual nation. After much debate the Vaemilian senate was indeed created, residing in the world capital which was the former Ultarian city of Ultarus. This was in the year 86 of the Ultarian calendar, which became the standard unit of time keeping in Vaemilia.

The new senate quickly faced a problem however. After eighty years of war, many of the soldiers now returning to their homes were not adjusting well to life at home and it became quickly apparent that the veterans would serve to be a domestic issue. Generations of combat had bred a certain class of people not satisfied with the day to day lifestyle of their home nations. Some turned violent and formed raiding or pirating groups while others continued their military careers and served in armies which were poised for another war. To relieve this tension, the Ardarian delegation proposed a system of clans, where people could join together and operate as a mercenary company which was controlled by the state. The implementation of this clan system brought a sense of balance, giving veterans the ability to use their skills effectively and giving the states and their peoples groups which could solve issues that were beyond the purview of local guardsmen.

It has been fifty years since the creation of the Vaemilian senate, and there are a few issues looming over the horizon…

  • The Ultarian state of Ultarius has regained most of it’s power and the world of Vaemilia seems healed from the eighty year conflict. There are whispers of a political movement growing in power which seeks to revive the Ultarian Empire and try once again to rule the world.
  • The small island state to the west of Vaemilia, Saurius, has recently cut communication with the rest of the world. This has impacted the import of Mittium, a valuable resource plentiful in Saurius, to the rest of Vaemilia, and many fear that this is the first act of aggression from the militaristic state.
  • The Ardarian kingdoms are having difficulty with both staying true to their traditions and adopting more modern styles, causing a conflict between the more barbaric clans and the more cosmopolitan Ardarians.
  • A strange disease has been effecting populations of Kliktak, spreading at an alarming rate and with no cure in sight.
  • A motion in the Vaemilian senate might take away the statehood rights of the Shemish people if they continue their practice of enslaving others through their pacts.
  • Familiari caravans are becoming increasingly unwelcome due to allegations of thievery.
  • Titans have begun to form a new religion which seeks to give them the same rights as other peoples of Vaemilia.
  • Humans have suddenly grown concerned about their former homeland across the sea. It is said that large populations have gone missing; entire towns left entirely lifeless but otherwise undisturbed.

A Brief History of Vaemilia

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